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The Scene: Idyllic & Enchanting

Sweet Sisters is located in the unique heartland of California’s Emerald Triangle. Nurtured by native soils, waterways, and mixed-woodland forest, our Farm has cultivated some of the finest cannabis in the Golden State (and quite possibly the world if we’re not being too braggadocious) for decades.

Our secret is no secret: we honor the land and we cultivate with respect; our plants are our partners, our Sweet Sisters in fact.

The Sanskrit word for confluence is Sangam, meaning a coming together. Wherever two rivers come together, that is the Sangam. Every place where two rivers join is a power point and, in India, considered the site of a temple, no matter how small.


Our farm sits at the confluence of two glistening Mendocino County waterways, ringed by California redwoods and fed by native soils. We have been lucky enough to grow our family here among the beauty of the Emerald Triangle and cultivate cannabis that has, for generations, healed and inspired our community.

Sweet Sisters has been our home since 1986, and with zero intention of leaving, we’ve invested our lives and hearts into this farm. As such, we don’t take short-cuts. We grow our plants in line with organic stewardship practices, and take extra measures to ensure that we are respecting the land every step of the way. Our farm has been solar-powered since Day 1, and we will continue to prioritize innovative and climate-friendly cultivation methods that are harmonious with our bodies and Mother Earth.

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