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Our Story

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A Love Story

Sweet Sisters Farm grew out of a love between two people, and then out of a shared love for cannabis. Our founders David and Sara, after meeting in the 1980s, purchased a property in California’s picturesque Mendocino hills, at the confluence of two waterways. This parcel has grown a generation of our family alongside the generations of plants we’ve nurtured over the years.​
Cannabis, we know, is a powerful gift from the natural world. We’re fortunate to live and love on land that cares for us back in such a meaningful way. Because of this, we’re eager to share the gift of sun-grown cannabis grown in native soils and in line with organic principles.

Firmly Planted in Community

Sara and David co-founded Sweet Sisters out of a shared love for eachother and our communal environment. Not long after they met in 1981, they began growing together–both literally and figuratively. They purchased an idyllic slice of Mendocino land on the winter solstice of 1986, where they built a beautiful home and raised three children.​
As OGs of the Emerald Triangle cannabis scene prior to regulation, Sara and David are now focused on getting their plants to as many people as possible, especially those who need the innumerable benefits the most. David and Sara work side by side to ensure their operation is ethical, sustainable, and doing right by the people this industry comes from. A community leader in cannabis, Sara also works on multi-pronged advocacy issues to help strengthen the resiliency of the industry, legacy and non-legacy growers alike. She currently sits on the boards of the Origins Council and the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance.
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