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Sweet Sisters Family Farm Cannabis

Representing the Legacy
of the Emerald Triangle

A Mendocino Craft Tradition

Sweet Sisters Farm is as rich in legacy as it is in native soils. Our founders Sara and David, veterans of the Emerald Triangle, have been cultivating high-quality, sungrown cannabis for decades.

Sara & David from Sweet Sisters Mendocino
Sweet Sisters Family Farm Cannabis
Sweet Sisters Wholesale Cannabis

Rooted Partners with Mother Earth

Our farm is our home and our plants are our sisters. We’re blessed to cultivate in native soils under the sunshine of California’s Emerald Triangle and continue the rich tradition of legacy cannabis farming.

Our Roots Run Deep

As legacy growers of Mendocino, our practice has always centered on honoring the magic of our planet and sharing its abundance with others. Sweet Sisters Farm combines California’s excellent sun and soil with seasoned expertise to bring you the highest quality cannabis possible.

Sweet Sisters Mendocino Legacy

Sara and David are proud cofounders and members of Hive Mendocino, a co-op of spirited, sustainable, high-quality farms working together to cultivate and source Mendocino County's renowned craft cannabis.

Sweet Sisters Hive Mendocino Member
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